Together We Achieve Excellence

Perryfields is a highly successful, well established 11-16 comprehensive school with a proven record of high standards and performance.

Its reputation within the community is based on a decade of excellent examination results and a well-disciplined school environment.

A School that Values
Each Individual Child

We believe that pupils are most effective in an environment where there are high expectations demanded of them. This must be combined and underpinned by a strong pastoral system, which encourages a friendly, self-disciplined ethos and atmosphere.

Welcome to Perryfields High School

Our friendly, self-disciplined ethos and atmosphere are achieved at Perryfields by helping pupils develop good personal values alongside their own individual abilities and qualities. These aspects are brought together by constantly reinforcing teamwork which means working together with pupils, staff, parents and the wider community.

Our aim is to enrich the lives of our pupils. We strive to develop their knowledge and interests whilst building their confidence for future challenges in life.

We want pupils to be good, happy citizens and have a real sense of purpose.

Everything I want
for my child
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A caring and
supporting environment
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Helping everybody
to achieve their potential
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How do I apply for a place at Perryfields High School?

Using the link below you will be able to apply for a place at Perryfields for your child to start September 2021. If you need further assistance with this, please contact us at school on 0121 421 7979. Please do remember to put Perryfields as your 1st choice school.

If I live in Birmingham or Dudley can I apply to Perryfields?

Yes. Using the link below you can apply. Due to Perryfields bordering 2 local authorities, Dudley and Birmingham, we could be your closest and most favourable school. If your local authority does not allocate Perryfields, you can appeal this decision. For further support, please contact the school on 0121 421 7979.

Can I have a tour of the school and meet pupils and staff?

Open evening is due to take place on Thursday 17th September 2020 at 5.30pm. Due to the current situation, it is possible that this event may be cancelled. For more information and to book a place at our open evening, please complete the form so that we can keep you updated.

Can I still apply after the 31st October 2020?

Yes. This is not advisable; however, you can apply using the link below in the ‘late admissions’ section further down the page.

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